Can Rehab in Arizona Be Free? Insurance Accepted Addiction Treatment

Can Rehab in Arizona Be Free? Insurance Accepted Addiction Treatment

Can Rehab in Arizona be Free?

The cost for treating addiction can vary between each treatment center in Arizona. There are some free programs available while others cost thousands of dollars per day. At SpringBoard Recovery, we want to make sure that each individual who needs help with drug rehab Arizona receives the care that they need.

No matter what your budget may be, it is important to know that there is help out there for you. At SpringBoard Recovery we will work with you directly to ensure that you get the care that you need to recover in a healthy environment.

What Types of Insurance are Accepted?

At SpringBoard Recovery we accept many different forms of insurance. This includes private insurance, military insurance, and state financed health insurance. If you have a question about what insurance that we accept and whether or not it will cover the cost of your rehab, simply contact us today and we will help you through the process.

People are often surprised to learn that their insurance will cover all or nearly all of their rehab program, which means that for most people rehab will be free or nearly free.

What if My Insurance Does Not Cover the Cost of Rehab?

There are some cases where insurance will not cover the cost of rehab. While these cases are very few, it does come up on occasion. When it comes to paying for rehab services there are many financing options available. This option will offer a way to pay for your care.

While taking on debt may not seem like something that you want or should do, it is important to look at rehab as an investment in yourself. Rehab will pay off over time as you will lead a more productive life once you have overcome your addiction.

How Much is Addiction Costing You?

When it comes down to it, the cost of rehab is not nearly as much as the cost of drug or alcohol addiction. Consider how much money you are currently spending on the drugs of your choice. Even though alcohol is relatively cheap in terms of costs, spending money on alcohol every day adds up. Other drugs are even more expensive and feeding your habit is costing you more than just the price of your drug of choice.

Drug and alcohol users are also more likely to switch jobs often or skip work than a sober individual. This has a negative impact on your income as switching jobs often entails starting at the bottom and making a lower wage than you would by staying at a job for a longer period of time. Skipping work means that you are not making as much money as you could be and could end up costing you your job. When you combine the cost of drugs, work issues, health issues, and legal issues it is easy to see that drug or alcohol addiction can cost you a lot more than the average price for rehab.

To consider the cost of addiction, an alcoholic who drinks a twelve pack each day for a year will spend more than $3000. This is if they only drink a 12 pack and nothing else each day. Some severe alcoholics drink more than this and spend much more. This does not include the amount that is spent on possible health issues and legal issues that arise.

There are some heroin users who have stated they have spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting their addiction.

The financial costs for addiction do not include the personal costs that addiction also causes. Addiction also affects personal relationships with friends and families, which results in a less meaningful life.

Getting the Help that You Need

When it comes to addiction, as you can see the cost to your personal life is quite high. From the financial aspect to the personal aspect, being an addict can really “cost” you. This is why rehab is so important.

The first step in rehab is to admit that you have a problem. Once you realize that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the next step is to find the care that you need. At SpringBoard Recovery we offer a full support system to help you through the recovery process.

When it comes to the cost of rehab, most of our patients end up with free rehab or very low cost rehab after their insurance is filed. Free rehab is often the norm and is just one of the reasons to consider SpringBoard Recovery for your rehab needs.

SpringBoard Recovery believes in treating the whole person when they walk through our doors. This includes helping a person through any mental or health issues that they may have that may be an underlying cause of their addiction.

Do not let the cost of rehab deter you from getting the help that you need. SpringBoard Recovery can help you sort out the financial aspect of rehab so that it is one less thing that you have to worry about. The most important thing that you need to do if you are suffering from an addiction is to get the support and help that you need.