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Course Syllabus

Am I an Alcoholic? The Signs & Symptoms
1. What is Alcohol Use Disorder?
  • The Risks of Developing Alcohol Use Disorder
  • AUD in the United States: Statistics
2. Physical & Mental Health Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse
3. Social & Appearance Signs of Alcohol Abuse
4. “Am I an Alcoholic?”: Self-Quiz

What are the Dangers of Alcohol Addiction?
1. Binge Drinking & Heavy Drinking Explained
2. What are the Potential Health Dangers of Alcohol Abuse?
3. What is the Social Cost of Alcohol Abuse?
  • Family Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Legal Issues
4. What is the Financial Cost of Alcohol Abuse?

“I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment - What are My Options?”
1. Primary Care Doctor: The Consultation
2. What is an Inpatient / Residential Program (IP)?
  • Advantages of IP
3. What is an Outpatient Program (OP)?
  • Advantages of OP
4. Sober Living Homes
5. Other Addiction Therapies & Services
  • Mutual Aid Support Groups / Programs
  • Addiction Recovery Coaching

Alcohol Addiction: Evidence-Based Treatments
1. Evidence-Based Alcohol Addiction Treatments
  • Behavioral Therapies
  • Pharmacotherapy
2. Additional Alcohol Addiction Therapies

What is Alcohol Detox?
1. Medically-Supervised Alcohol Detox: Withdrawing from Alcohol Safely
2. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Common Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Severe Withdrawal Symptoms
3. Medically-Assisted Detox vs. “Cold Turkey”
4. Alcohol detox: The First Step

What is Dual Diagnosis?
1. Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorder) Explained
2. Mental Health in the U.S.
  • The Most Common Mental Health Disorders in the U.S.
3. Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment

“How Can I Pay for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?”
1. Paying with Health Insurance
2. Important: Verifying Health Insurance
3. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I Afford Rehab?
  • What is the Cost of Treatment After Insurance?
  • How Do I Sign Up for Insurance?
  • Should I Choose a Treatment Program Based on Cost?

“What are My Post-Alcohol Treatment Options?”
1. One-to-One Counseling / Therapy
2. Mutual Aid Support Groups / Programs
3. Alcohol Rehab / Program Alumni
4. Using a Recovery Coach
5. Other Post-Treatment Options

What are Relapse Triggers?
1. Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Elements of a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Relapse Prevention: Self-Care
2. Identifying Relapse Triggers
  • External Triggers
  • Internal Triggers
  • The 4 Most Common Relapse Triggers
3. Dealing with Cravings
4. “What Should I Do If I Relapse?”

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