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Free Alcohol Recovery Course

Alcohol Addiction: The Disease, The Treatment, The Recovery

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand Alcohol Addiction
    • Signs & Symptoms
    • Its Dangers & Effects
  • Understand How Alcohol Addiction Treatment Works
    • Types of treatment programs
    • Types of therapies
    • How to pay for treatment
  • Understand How to Stay Sober & Alcohol-free
    • and much more


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Our free alcohol addiction course is an intermediate learning program consisting of 9 easy-to-understand modules covering the main aspects of alcohol addiction (alcohol use disorder), with each module featuring accurate information (reviewed by medical doctors), and resources available for you to use right now.

Who is Our Free Course For?

  • Anyone who is concerned about their own alcohol consumption or the alcohol consumption of a loved one;
  • Anyone who acknowledges their own alcohol misuse / abuse issues or those of a loved one; and 
  • Anyone with a clinical diagnosis of alcohol use disorder, including loved ones

Content contained within this course is derived from original SpringBoard Recovery content (available at SpringBoardRecovery.com) or from external sources, so annotated and listed at the end of each module.

Alcohol Addiction: The Disease, The Treatment, The Recovery

Course Content

Am I an Alcoholic? The Signs & Symptoms
1. What is Alcohol Use Disorder?
  • The Risks of Developing Alcohol Use Disorder
  • AUD in the United States: Statistics
2. Physical & Mental Health Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse
3. Social & Appearance Signs of Alcohol Abuse
4. “Am I an Alcoholic?”: Self-Quiz

What are the Dangers of Alcohol Addiction?
1. Binge Drinking & Heavy Drinking Explained
2. What are the Potential Health Dangers of Alcohol Abuse?
3. What is the Social Cost of Alcohol Abuse?
  • Family Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Legal Issues
4. What is the Financial Cost of Alcohol Abuse?

“I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment - What are My Options?”
1. Primary Care Doctor: The Consultation
2. What is an Inpatient / Residential Program (IP)?
  • Advantages of IP
3. What is an Outpatient Program (OP)?
  • Advantages of OP
4. Sober Living Homes
5. Other Addiction Therapies & Services
  • Mutual Aid Support Groups / Programs
  • Addiction Recovery Coaching

Alcohol Addiction: Evidence-Based Treatments
1. Evidence-Based Alcohol Addiction Treatments
  • Behavioral Therapies
  • Pharmacotherapy
2. Additional Alcohol Addiction Therapies

What is Alcohol Detox?
1. Medically-Supervised Alcohol Detox: Withdrawing from Alcohol Safely
2. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Common Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Severe Withdrawal Symptoms
3. Medically-Assisted Detox vs. “Cold Turkey”
4. Alcohol detox: The First Step

What is Dual Diagnosis?
1. Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorder) Explained
2. Mental Health in the U.S.
  • The Most Common Mental Health Disorders in the U.S.
3. Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment

“How Can I Pay for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?”
1. Paying with Health Insurance
2. Important: Verifying Health Insurance
3. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I Afford Rehab?
  • What is the Cost of Treatment After Insurance?
  • How Do I Sign Up for Insurance?
  • Should I Choose a Treatment Program Based on Cost?

“What are My Post-Alcohol Treatment Options?”
1. One-to-One Counseling / Therapy
2. Mutual Aid Support Groups / Programs
3. Alcohol Rehab / Program Alumni
4. Using a Recovery Coach
5. Other Post-Treatment Options

What are Relapse Triggers?
1. Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Elements of a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Relapse Prevention: Self-Care
2. Identifying Relapse Triggers
  • External Triggers
  • Internal Triggers
  • The 4 Most Common Relapse Triggers
3. Dealing with Cravings
4. “What Should I Do If I Relapse?”

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