How to Find Arizona Drug Rehab Centers with High Success Rates

Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

Find an Arizona Drug Rehab Center with a High Success Rate

Our Arizona rehab centers offer the highest quality dual diagnosis drug and alcohol services available in the area. 

About Springboard’s Approach to Treatment 

At Springboard Recovery Arizona Drug Rehab Centers, we strive to provide the potential for lasting recovery for our guests. We use the powerful 12 step philosophy of recovery and enhance that program with personal development and holistic treatments. As a guest becomes sober, they also learn ways to deal with their problems and improve the quality of their lives. 

When first contacting Springboard Recovery, take advantage of an evaluation that will help you decide whether or not your insurance will cover treatment, and whether you are an addict in need of detox from drugs or alcohol. Your new, drug-free life can start right away by talking to us. We can help you determine where to start in your search for a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

A New Start at Our Springboard’s Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

Get away from it all at Springboard Recovery. Sometimes a new environment can help you develop a new mindset and promote your sober lifestyle. We offer deluxe accommodations that are specifically designed to provide a calm, soothing environment. 

Detox at Home or Alone?

Detoxing alone at home can be very physically and mentally dangerous. In some cases, people have died during the process of detoxing. Many substances need medical assistance to get a person through the detoxing process safely. If you have been using opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines or barbiturates, you’ll need help getting off them. Getting off stimulants, opioids and many types of prescriptions is much safer when done in a detox setting. 

People who try to quit their drugs of choice can experience severe health conditions and risk a higher incidence of relapse when going “Cold Turkey.” More significantly, seizures can occur that may lead to death. 

Detoxing Safely

First, you’ll need to have a complete medical and psychiatric history and evaluation to determine which medications may be needed to get you through withdrawal symptoms and get you off drugs for good. You will also get a therapist to help you sort through the reasons you started using in the first place. Both individualized and group therapy help our guests work through their issues and develop techniques for living without drug and alcohol use.

During the process of detoxing, our highly skilled staff will continue to evaluate you and assist you until you are ready to transition into the main part of our program. 

Dual Diagnosis

Many people start using drugs or alcohol to mask mental health problem symptoms. For instance, if a person becomes depressed, they may start using stimulants to help them feel better. Once they start routinely using these stimulants, they may become addicted to them. Instead of just treating the addiction, the original cause of the addiction, depression, also needs to be addressed. Our guests that treat both their physical and mental issues remain sober more frequently than do people who only deal with the addiction. 

Individual and Group Counseling during Arizona Drug Rehab

Individual counseling occurs when a trained counselor works with you to discover why you started using it in the first place. If a mental health diagnosis is needed as well as a diagnosis about your addiction, you will have a dual diagnosis and be able to work on both issues with the help of professionals. 

Group counseling permits you to work with other individuals who have similar problems and addictions. You can gain practical experience from other guests who have been down the road of addiction. Plus, in time, you will be able to give positive, practical advice and encouragement to the individuals in your support group. 

The 12 Steps and Working Your Program

Our Arizona drug rehab centers have always centered their treatment programs on the 12-step process, which was originally begun through Alcoholics Anonymous. This program has helped millions of people in their quest for sobriety. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of a Higher Power, we also offer programs that are not based on a religion that works well to help you work a successful program. 

How do alcohol and drugs affect the body? And what are the negative effects of using alcohol and drugs?

Alcohol slows down activity in your brain and throughout your body. While you may feel more relaxed when drinking, if you continue to drink, you’ll have an adverse health reaction, such as:

• Weight gain
• Cardiovascular problems
• Organ failure
• Hepatitis
• Immune system problems
• Brain damage
• And much more

Sober Living

One month is not enough time for people to deal with their issues and addictions. For this reason, Springboard’s Arizona Drug rehab centers offer sober living long-term treatment to give our guests long-term help getting and staying sober. Our guests can work on their education, job-seeking skills and continue working on their extended recovery using our sober living services both during active treatment and during aftercare. 

Holistic Treatment at Our Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

The mind, body, and spirit need to be healed when receiving treatment for addictions. Some of the amenities we offer our guests during their time here with us are:

• A yoga studio
• Coffee services
• A gourmet kitchen and deluxe outdoor grill
• Swimming pool
• Other programs to allow a person the time and space to improve their body, mind, and spirit
• Nutritional counseling

Aftercare Treatment

Once discharged from our treatment facility, we encourage our guests to stay in touch and to keep working their program. That is why we offer continued counseling even after they have completed our program. We want to be sure that our guests know that they are never alone, and that help is always available to them. Give us a call today to get started.

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Jason Bordonaro

I am licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners as an LPC and LISAC and am a National Certified Counselor with the NBCC. I am currently the clinical director at Springboard Recovery for outpatient treatment of substance use disorders. I am trained in EMDR therapy and hold a Master Level Certification in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). I am registered with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners to provide supervision for interns and associate level counselors.