Eye Injury Specialist Houston

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Eye Injury Specialist Houston

Eye Theory combines world-class services with the latest technology to provide the best eye care in Houston. Our eye injury specialist in Houston, Dr. Jonathan Tsao is one of the leading optometrists in the Houston area to provide superior eye care treatment. 

Is glaucoma screening preventive care?

Yes, glaucoma screening is part of preventive care, based on regular sessions for increased efficiency. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your risk for glaucoma or if you find your vision deteriorating at a steady pace. Glaucoma is a severe disease affecting especially older adults. The causes of Glaucoma is not entirely evident but screening for the disease every 1-3 years rules out your risk of being affected by glaucoma.

If not detected early, Glaucoma can gradually progress, leading to blindness. Researches have now found that undetected Glaucoma is the second largest cause for blindness. Even though glaucoma is not curable, proper treatment to manage the condition is crucial to prevent permanent vision loss.

Can you go blind if you get hit in the eye?

When you get hit in the eye, if parts of the eye such as the optic nerve or any area of the brain connected to vision are injured; such an injury can lead to blindness. The first significant cause of blindness is eye injuries, primarily physical and chemical injuries.

Applying a couple of first aid measures can considerably reduce the damage. Apply a clean cold compress gently on to the eye to reduce pain and swelling. Avoid applying any pressure, and if you have a black eye, pain, or any kind of visual disturbance, immediately go to your nearest emergency room and get help.                                                     

Types of eye injuries

Our eye injury specialist handles all types of injuries including mild scratches, foreign objects in the eye, deep lacerations, and bleeding inside the eye. Some of the common eye injuries include:

  • Scratched eye (corneal abrasion) - A scratched eye, also known as corneal abrasion can happen after being poked in the eye or rubbing the eye after a foreign body has entered the eye. Scratched eyes can cause extreme discomfort, redness, and severe sensitivity to light. An untreated corneal abrasion can lead to bacterial and fungal infections in less than 24 hours.
  • Foreign substances in the eye - If a foreign object enters your eye, visit an eye doctor immediately. If you have a small-sized metal foreign body in your eye, it can quickly form a rust ring and leave an evident scar.
  • Chemical injury – Many times, chemical accidents can lead to serious injury. Acids cause considerable redness and burning, but you can easily wash it out. On the contrary, alkaline chemicals can cause serious damage to the eye. Alkali chemicals include oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and chalk dust. In case of an alkali splash, contact your eye doctor immediately.

Eye Theory is the first to offer optomap retinal imaging and VRx Digital refraction services. To get your eyes checked by the best eye injury specialist in Houston, make an appointment with us today.

Eye Injury Specialist Houston
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