Dysfunctional Relationships & Addiction

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Dysfunctional Relationships & Addiction

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells when you talk to your significant other, friend, or family member? Are you terrified of a loved one leaving you or dying to the point of severe anxiety or depression stemming from the thought? Do you feel as if your drug use has hurt your personal relationships? If so, you may be dealing with dysfunctional relationships & addiction.

Your mental health is incredibly complex, with a variety of factors contributing to how you act and feel. As humans, we are constantly looking to make connections with people, building relationships for the emotional benefit their company provides. However, not all relationships are positive. These “toxic” relationships can lead to more dangerous problems like drug addiction or can occur as a result of a positive relationship being tainted by the altered mind state caused by drugs or alcohol.


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How Dysfunctional Relationships Contribute to Addiction

Dysfunctional relationships come in many forms. If you’ve been in an abusive home environment, relationship, or state of mind, chances are these negative relationships – also known as dysfunctional relationships – affected your mental & emotional health. When left to degrade, these unsatisfying relationships can lead you to seek out a connection and comfort elsewhere – such as drugs & alcohol.

In general, dysfunctional relationships are built on fear or worrying. The concerns could spawn from a fear of being physically or emotionally abused by a parent or partner, the fear of losing someone and being alone, and a variety of other causes. This fear then contributes to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that can often amplify the worrying, continuing the unhealthy cycle.

To deal with the effects of the dysfunctional relationship, people turn to coping mechanisms. While things like therapy, meditation, and other self-help techniques are available, many turn to the easiest way to forget: drugs & alcohol.

As these relationships continue and remain toxic to the sufferer, the coping continues and can eventually lead to an addiction forming. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always just stop there.

How Addiction Can Lead to Dysfunctional Relationships

If you or someone you know has dealt with addiction, you’re keenly aware of how it can change the way you act. Drug use is often used to mask emotions, trauma, suffering, and more because in many cases the sufferer is ashamed of their habit. It can also be hard to acknowledge that you have a problem, which can lead to tension arising whenever the topic comes up. Despite wanting to help the person suffering, the other side of the relationship can easily get frustrated and even sever ties for their own sanity.

On the other hand, the dysfunctional relationship can come from a place of enabling or codependency. This is when one member of the relationship encourages or enables the drug abuse without acknowledging it as a problem. This could be something like buying alcohol for an alcohol abuser, bailing drug abusers from jail, or even turning the other way when they satisfy their addiction. This dampens the repercussions of the actions, making it harder for the person abusing drugs to learn the lesson or cope appropriately.

How Holistic Treatment Addresses Dysfunctional Relationships & Addiction

As addiction is a truly complex disease that involves all aspects of your health, it makes sense that the best way to treat it is by comprehensively addressing all contributing factors. Addiction caused by or leading to dysfunctional relationships stems from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs that are not being met. Even if you can cure the physical addiction, there is still the mental addiction and emotional coping that the substance provides, making it easy to fall back into drug use again when times get tough.

Holistic addiction treatment is a way to address all the aspects of your overall health that contribute to addiction & dysfunctional relationships. In addition to detoxification, a holistic rehab will also address the mental disorders (depression, anxiety, and more) that can contribute to and result from addiction, the emotions that are being hidden by the drug use, and the spiritual need to be at peace with your struggles, resign to a higher power, and start anew with healthier relationships during sobriety.

Choose Addiction Treatment Services to Help You Rebuild Your Relationships

If you have an addiction that is starting to or has hurt your personal relationships, there is no better time than now to get clean so that you can be a better partner, friend, or family member to those you care about. With the help of our expert drug treatment specialists, we at SpringBoard Recovery can help you kick your addiction and provide you with healthy coping skills so that you can deal with the struggles of life without relapsing. With years of experience serving the Arizona community, there’s nowhere better to get your life back on track. Take back control of your mental & emotional health today – give us a call today.


Author: Robert Castan

Robert Castan is a member of the Executive Leadership Team at SpringBoard Recovery. Robert started his professional career as a house manager and has become an industry leader and trusted voice in the treatment world. He brings extensive knowledge of organizational growth, industry-leading outcomes, and comprehensive marketing to SpringBoard Recovery. Robert has been walking his own path of recovery for over 10 years. This path has truly driven his ambition to help make treatment available to others who are struggling with addiction. Robert finds great joy in traveling and keeping physically active, with an emphasis on biking. Robert resides in Arizona with his husband and two four-legged children.   The U.S. Alcohol Crisis, Still Deadlier Than the Opioid Epidemic   Zombies and Other Future Threats to the Health of American Youth Dire Mental Health: A Catalyst for Post-Pandemic Drug Addiction The Benefits of Rehab Center Staff Working Their Own Recovery Opinion: The Opioid Crisis + COVID-19 = The Perfect Storm Robert Castan on Successful Addiction Treatment and Entrepreneurship Castan: The road less traveled of addiction & recovery in Scottsdale Opioids & COVID Driving Phoenix’s Rising Fatal Drug Overdoses Opinion: The Opioid Crisis + COVID-19 = The Perfect Storm Successful Addiction Treatment Programs & Entrepreneurship

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