Dual Diagnosis Arizona

Dual Diagnosis Arizona

Discover the Many Benefits of Dual Diagnosis in Arizona:

All treatment programs are not created equally, which is why it is essential that you take your time when considering a treatment facility in your community. Your prospective treatment center will employ some common and some unique programs in their objective to achieve the following goals: to encourage participation and motivation from the patient, to identify the severity of the patient’s addiction, to foster engagement in the programs, to offer the appropriate services, and to provide on-going support and integration back into society.

Springboard Recovery is pleased to provide what they consider the latest and most significant asset to recovery. Their dual diagnosis program is designed to come alongside addicts with holistic treatment that does not merely address the physical addiction but focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. The majority of patients who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction have an undiagnosed mental disorder that is restraining them from achieving recovery. Springboard Recovery aims to get to the heart of co-occurring conditions to provide patients with a greater chance of a full, long-term recovery.

The simple response to the question of whether there are distinct benefits to dual diagnosis from Arizona facility’s Springboard Recovery program is 'yes'. Inpatient treatment in any shape is exceptionally useful, yet while treating a combination of two diagnoses, the more control the restorative experts have over the condition the patient exists in, the greater the potential to achieve positive results. Dual diagnosis seeks to control the variables that the patient has access to. Further, treatment for the addiction and the mental condition must coincide in order to prove its usefulness to the patient. Relapse avoidance is a prime focus of recovery, as the patient must learn how to use new skills to cope with the everyday problems and struggles of life outside of treatment.

Springboard Recovery employs specialists in dual diagnosis treatment and understands that many patients who walk through their doors are dealing with much more than just a physical addiction. Patients dealing with depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition that co-occurs with addiction can find help at Springboard Recovery. They are firm believers that a short stay in a facility simply sets up the patient for relapse- that’s why their on-going treatment programs are so successful.

For a treatment program to deliver positive results, it has to be made personal for the patient. Springboard Recovery’s dual diagnosis in Arizona is centered around personal and individualized care for each patient to ensure they’re getting what they need while in treatment. It starts with a full assessment with an admission specialist who will interview the patient and get to know them better. This is the time when mental health issues are identified and integrated into their treatment plan.

Learn more by calling the facility now at 888-672-2120 or by visiting the website and clicking on ‘Our Programs’. Discover why Springboard Recovery is considered the most reputable treatment center for dual diagnosis in Arizona.

Dual Diagnosis Arizona