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Addiction is a lifestyle disease that’s about so much more than ingesting dangerous chemicals. When you become an addict, drugs and alcohol cloud your judgment, making it difficult for you to make healthy lifestyle choices. As the disease of substance abuse progresses, addiction often becomes a single-minded focus, making it difficult to eat healthy food or exercise. Over time, the confluence of unhealthy living and addiction can wreck your physical and mental health. At SpringBoard Recovery, we help you take those first tentative steps back toward wellness by offering you a healthy nutrition plan.

Why Does Nutrition Matter?

The food you eat is fuel for your body. And just as your car’s engine will eventually give out if you pour sugar in your gas tank, so too will your body if you provide it with nothing but processed, chemical and sugar-laden foods. Scientific research has linked good nutrition not only to a more svelte frame and a longer life span, but also a better quality of life. Healthy eating can reduce your cancer risk, improve your cardiovascular health, help eliminate headaches and muscle pain, and make the process of addiction recovery easier.

When you walk through our doors, your addiction likely has brought your health to an all-time low. Our nutritional plans endeavor to reverse the damage, helping you get into optimal health. After all, you wouldn’t go into battle starving or exhausted. Giving up an addiction may very well be the battle of your life. Let us show you how the right foods can flush out toxic drugs and alcohol, help renew and restore your mental health, and give you a sense of mastery over your world.


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SpringBoard Recovery’s Approach to Nutrition

We know that it can be tough to get nutritional information, especially with so many self-styled “experts” hawking nutritional plans that don’t work, cost too much, or even endanger your health. We offer a simple, balanced approach to nutrition. We encourage our guests to eat clean, natural foods, cut out excess sugars and carbohydrates, and eat organic, locally sources foods whenever possible.

We embrace all philosophies and lifestyles, and are equipped to feed guests with a variety of dietary needs, including vegans, vegetarians, people who embrace gluten-free, and residents pursuing paleo-inspired diets. If you’re not sure what good nutrition looks like or need help finding healthy foods you can enjoy, we’re ready to help. We know the transition to healthy eating can be confusing, but we take the guesswork out of nutritional wellness.

Our commitment to your health doesn’t end there, though. We want you to leave our walls with the skills you need to thrive in your everyday life. We offer workshops on cooking, healthy eating, and recovery. We know that balance is the key to optimal health of mind, body, and spirit, and balance begins with properly fueling your body.


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