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Detox is the first step on the promising journey to your new life of sobriety. You’ve probably heard that detox isn’t easy, but you may not know that detox can be dangerous if you opt to go it alone. While most people have no difficulties, a small number experience serious and potentially life-threatening symptoms, including seizures, coma, loss of consciousness, malnutrition, and dehydration. We accept detox referrals so we can offer you the most medically effective and compassionate detox care.

When you’re referred to us for detox, we’ll meet with you to learn everything we can about your addiction, your life, your needs, and your health. Depending on your health, we may refer you to a physician for further evaluation, and your doctor may opt to prescribe medications that reduce the risks of detox or even reduce the severity of withdrawal.


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After we’ve gathered the information we need, we’ll develop a custom-designed detox plan designed to suit your specific needs. We’ll address your potential mental and physical health risks and determine how long detox might take and what has the potential to make it better or worse. This process allows us to answer the myriad questions you may have about detox. Although detox is always unpredictable, our evaluation process gives us clear insights into how long detox might take, what side effects you can expect, and how you may react to the absence of drugs and alcohol from your body.
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