The Dangers of Meth Use & Whether Meth Rehab Can Help

dangers of meth use

The Dangers of Meth Use

Crystal meth is a concentrated, crystallized form of illicitly manufactured methamphetamine. It is an extremely dangerous drug that entices users with its cheap price tag and promise of an intense high. Over the years, the use of meth has gradually spiraled out of control in America. It’s now a full-blown epidemic that impacts millions of people from all walks of life. From the big city to small towns, every area of the country must fight to overcome this powerful addiction. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of meth use.

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Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Crystal meth is considered by many experts to be most toxic drug on the street. It’s mainly produced by street criminals for the sole purpose of making an easy sale. The safety of their customers obviously isn’t a big concern. To ensure a bigger profit, they will use a number of different synthetic ingredients. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals are extremely poisonous. Some of the common additives include acetone, lithium, sulfuric acid, and lye. When walking around a meth lab, the smell the ammonia is floating in the air. Once these toxins get inside your body, it’s only a matter of time before your health starts to deteriorate.

Sudden Death from Meth Use

Never overlook the dangers of meth use. Because this narcotic is so potent, even a single hit can have a fatal outcome. Although you may be perfectly healthy, the dangerous effects may be too much to handle. Meth can cause a person’s heart to undergo an enormous amount of stress. After ingesting meth, the user’s heart rate and blood pressure will immediately start to rise. There’s a serious risk of the person experiencing a major heart attack. However, this dangerous drug can wreak havoc on more than just a single organ. It can also cause your brain to hemorrhage and your lungs to collapse. Sudden extreme hyperthermia is also possible if your body temperature spikes uncontrollably. If emergency medical assistance isn’t sought quickly enough, your life will be in jeopardy.

Decline in Physical Appearance

It’s often easy to spot a long-term meth user. Their physical appearance will clearly show the extent of their addiction. The body’s structure is slowly destroyed over time. If you pay close attention to the eye area of a user, you’ll instantly notice the tired and droopy appearance of their eyes. Often times, there will also be multiple lesions and scars on their skin. Tooth decay is yet another problem that stems from heavy meth use. The corrosive nature of the drug destroys enamel. It’s certainly not unusual for a meth addict to be completely toothless.

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Greater Risk of STDs

When under the influence of meth, your inhibitions are a lot lower. This means you’ll be far more likely to engage in risky behaviors. Being unable to consider the potential consequences of your actions, you’ll start to live more recklessly. A lot of meth addicts tend to have unsafe sex, they often don’t consider using protection with strangers. While STDs such as gonorrhea can be treated with antibiotics, others don’t have a cure. HIV is by far one of the deadliest diseases in existence. Studies indicate that meth use may actually worsen the progression of AIDs.

Poor Mental Health

Many people are aware of the physical ailments that can arise from smoking meth. However, the mental issues can be just as serious. Chronic meth users wreak havoc on their own personal and professional health. There are a lot of different ways that meth can affect the mind. You can expect a meth user to experience hallucinations on a regular basis. While some people may have a delusion of bugs crawling underneath their skin, others may begin to hear voices. Their psychosis will only worsen over time. Because the meth addict’s mental state will be so bad, they likely won’t be able to hold a steady job. Simply interacting with others will be a big challenge.

Impacts the Health of Unborn Babies

Pregnant women need to avoid using crystal meth at all costs. If a woman continues to use meth while pregnant, she will cause major birth defects to their child. In a lot of cases, meth babies have a much lower birth weight. Even worse, the mother’s meth use may cause the unborn baby to become addicted. Doctors must treat the child for withdrawal symptoms before they can develop normally. Although the child may be fortunate enough to avoid any physical deformities, they could suffer from behavior problems. If the mother continues to use meth, breastfeeding becomes another threat to the child.

The Link Between Meth & Chronic Depression

Like so many other illegal narcotics, meth can trigger bottomless depression. Although the addict may feel euphoric and alert when the using the drug, their mood will eventually start to decline. In an effort to avoid the sadness, the person will continue to use meth over and over again. This is the reason why some meth addicts are willing to do anything for money. Being able to sustain happiness without the drug becomes virtually impossible. For some users, the feeling of hopelessness is just too much to take and suicide becomes a real possibility. Every year, thousands of drug users decide to take their own life.

Our outpatient drug treatment program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

What Can You Do if You’re Addicted to Meth? Is Meth Rehab a Good Option?

If you’re addicted to crystal meth, help is available. Successful treatment of crystal meth addiction typically includes assistance from professional counselors, educating family and loved ones and providing a safe and structured environment for recovery.  Treatment and rehabilitation has helped thousands of individuals recover from meth addiction, and it’s possible for you too.  Contact SpringBoard Recovery to start your journey to recovery today.

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