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SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer drug and alcohol rehab services to people in New Haven, Connecticut. Many choose to come to our facility in Arizona to get away from temptations and triggers that might cause them to use or even relapse. Our services include drug and alcohol treatment and recovery housing. Our clients can rest assured that they will receive the best possible treatment for their addictions. We are accredited with The Joint Commission and in great standing with the Better Business Bureau. Also, we are in-network with many health insurance providers in Connecticut.

“I was originally a client 3 1/2 years ago and have been working for SpringBoard for the past two and a half years. I love to see the transformation clients make from when they first arrive at SpringBoard to the time they leave. It’s amazing to receive calls and messages from them when they hit milestones in their recovery – It just shows how really grateful they are to be in the program.”

– Josh Lemieux, Director of Admissions at SpringBoard Recovery

SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona: Traveling from New Haven, CT for Addiction Treatment

A lot of people believe that their addiction treatment options are limited to the programs that are in their city, county or state. But that is not the case at all. In fact, more and more people are choosing to travel out of state in order to go to drug and alcohol treatment. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Needing to find a rehab program that is in-network with their health insurance.
  • Having a public-facing job and not wanting to see anyone they know when they get treatment.
  • Wanting to take time away from their normal routines so they can really focus on recovering.
  • Needing to leave a toxic or dangerous home environment and relocate to a new area.
  • Having access to better treatment options that might not be available closer to home.

Arizona is a beautiful state with great scenery, making it a perfect place to get away from it all and recover from addiction. That is why a lot of people choose it, and at SpringBoard Arizona, we offer everything a person needs when they come to us from out of state.

Will Health Insurance Pay for Rehab?

A lot of people are surprised to learn that because of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are required to help cover the cost of drug and alcohol rehab. But they often assume that they need to attend a program in their own state, and that is not the case at all.

If a facility is in-network with a health insurance company, they will provide benefits to their customers so they can attend. At SpringBoard Recovery, we are in-network with some of the top health insurance providers in the country. We frequently work with people from New Haven and from other parts of the United States as well. It is always a good idea to have us verify benefits so people know what their coverage is.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

There are a lot of people living in New Haven, Connecticut who are struggling because of their addictions to drugs or alcohol. They need to know that help is available to them, and the statistics demonstrate a definite need for treatment programs in that area.

According to the Greater New Haven Community Index from 2016:

  • 7% of adults in New Haven (including 12% of adults aged 18-34) state that they feel the need to cut down on their drinking or drug use.
  • 25% of high school students have been offered, sold or given illegal drugs on school property every year.
  • In recent years, there has been an increase in drug overdoses due to the use of heroin and fentanyl in New Haven.
  • In Connecticut, there were 357 drug overdose deaths in 2012.
  • By 2015, that number had risen to 723.
  • Heroin and other opioids are a factor in about 90% of these deaths.
  • Many of them are linked to the use of prescription drugs and pain relievers.


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Addiction Treatment Centers

The SAMHSA treatment locator tool indicates that there are 76 drug and alcohol treatment and support programs within 25 miles of New Haven, Connecticut. These facilities all offer various levels of care in order to meet the needs of the people who live there. They include:

  • 6 long-term rehab centers.
  • 3 facilities that offer inpatient detox services.
  • 59 outpatient rehab programs.
  • 45 facilities that offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
  • 41 intensive outpatient programs.
  • 7 partial hospitalization programs.
  • 13 treatment centers that offer outpatient detox.
  • 14 inpatient rehab programs.
  • One sober living or halfway house.

What to Expect During Recovery

It can be helpful for people who have never been to rehab before to know what to expect. As mentioned above, there are different levels of care available. It can be helpful for people to get a professional recommendation before choosing an addiction treatment program in New Haven. That way they can be certain that they are getting the help they need.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs in New Haven

Some drugs – alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids and stimulants, for example – require people to go through the detoxification process as their first step in recovery. This is for their own safety because withdrawal symptoms can become severe and in some cases, they can even be fatal.

Drug and alcohol detox can help with recovery by addressing and reducing the severity of withdrawal. We recommend medical detox and holistic treatments, and for those who are addicted to opioids and/or alcohol, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help them.

Inpatient and Long-Term Rehab Facilities

Some people will begin the recovery process by going to an inpatient rehab program. This simply means that they stay at a facility for 28 days while they get the help they need. During that time, they will go through detox (if needed) and participate in group, individual and family therapy. There are also various therapeutic activities they will be involved in as well.

Long-term rehab is for those who need more time to recover from addiction. It may be recommended for people with a long history of relapsing or who have not done well with inpatient treatment.

New Haven, CT Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

There are several types of outpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs available in New Haven. This level of care is often attractive to people because they can continue to live at home. But please keep in mind that while some outpatient solutions are good for some, they may not work well for everyone. This is because people often need a higher level of care when they are new to recovery.

The outpatient programs that are available in New Haven are:

More Addiction Recovery Support Options

There are additional ways for people to get the recovery support they need in New Haven as well. They are:

12-Step Meetings and Other Support Groups

12-Step meetings offer a way for people in recovery to come together to provide support to each other as they heal. These meetings are not led by professionals; they are led by regular people who are further along in the program.

SMART Recovery is another type of support group that is not 12-Step based, but is more focused on using scientific approaches.

All of the following are available in New Haven, Connecticut:

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are facilities where people can live while they recover from addiction. Residents benefit from a healthy environment, but they must pay rent (unless their insurance will cover the cost) and follow all house rules. They must be enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program and attend all their appointments.


Our treatment programs are custom tailored to your specific needs. One phone call is all it takes to start your recovery from drug & alcohol dependency

More Information About Rehab

Getting started with addiction treatment at SpringBoard Recovery is easy.

  1. Verify your health insurance – This can be done by filling out our verification form or by talking with someone on our admissions team.
  2. Meet with a clinician to talk about your needs during treatment and come up with a solid treatment plan.
  3. Stay at one of our scenic sober living homes in Arizona.
  4. Complete the recovery program at SpringBoard Recovery.
  5. Join our Alumni group.

At SpringBoard Recovery, our goal is to help as many people recover from addiction as we can. We are proud to provide our services to the people of New Haven, Connecticut and happy to talk with anyone who has questions about our program.

Would you like to talk with someone about traveling to Arizona for rehab, or about the options that are available to you in New Haven, Connecticut? Please contact us today.

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