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SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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Alcohol and drug rehab programs are easy to find in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area for those who need them. People have many options available to them, which is good because there are many people in the area who are struggling because of their addictions.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we frequently work with people from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Many people would rather travel farther away from home to get treatment for substance abuse. We offer everything they need in order to get clean and sober and re-learn how to live their lives without being dependent on drugs or alcohol.

“At SpringBoard Recovery, we know who we are. We know what we are extremely good at, and that is treating people with substance use disorders – comprehensively and successfully. In doing so, we never lose sight of the actual person we are helping, or the personal hopes and aspirations they have for a future completely free from substance use. It’s passion with purpose, and it’s the reason we exist.”

– Robert Castan, CEO, SpringBoard Recovery

Traveling From Bridgeport to SpringBoard Recovery

A lot of people prefer to go to rehab away from home for a number of reasons. They may be trying to avoid triggers that would cause them to use. Some may need to escape dangerous home situations that are not safe for them. Also, professionals may prefer to go to rehab in an area where they do not know anyone to protect their privacy.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer one of the best drug and alcohol rehab programs in Arizona. We also have a sober living home for our clients who are traveling from out of state and need a safe place to stay while they get the treatment they need.

Traveling from Bridgeport to Arizona for rehab has a lot of benefits, and it is something for everyone to consider.

Will Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Addiction Treatment in Another State?

Many health insurance companies offer benefits to their customers regardless of where they are. There are many who will cover the cost of going to rehab out of state. We always encourage everyone to let us verify their benefits so they can get informed.



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Bridgeport, Connecticut and Fairfield County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Drug and alcohol addiction can be very lonely, and a lot of people fail to realize how many people in their local areas are struggling because of substance abuse. The statistics can help bring understanding about how severe the issue is.

According to the Community Well Being Index for Fairfield County in 2019:

  • Between 2015 and 2017, there were about 150 hospitalizations and ER visits due to substance abuse for every 10,000 residents.
  • During that same timeframe, there were more than 250 ER visits and hospitalizations for every 10,000 people in Bridgeport.
  • For every 100,000 people in Fairfield County, about 300 people died before the age of 75 because of drug abuse between 2010 and 2014.
  • Substance abuse is most common among males between the ages of 45 and 64 in Bridgeport.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, there were more than 600 preventable hospital visits in Bridgeport for substance abuse.
  • When asked about youth susceptibility to drug and alcohol abuse, a total of 25% of residents believe that the youth in their area are very likely or almost certain to abuse these substances.
  • In Bridgeport, that percentage changes to a total of 43%.
  • Between 2012 and 2018, there have been 13 overdoses for every 1 million residents in Fairfield County.
  • During that same timeframe, there have been 37 overdoses for every 1 million residents in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  • In 2018, 67% of all drug overdose deaths involved the use of Fentanyl.

The Community Health Needs Assessment that was completed for Fairfield County in 2016 indicates that:

  • 81.7% of people feel that alcohol abuse is the top health issue their community is facing.
  • 57.7% of people believe that underage drinking is an important health issue.
  • 53.5% of people said that the misuse of prescription drugs was also a critical health issue.
  • 6.8% of adults in Fairfield County are heavy drinkers.
  • 18.3% of adults in the county regularly participate in binge drinking.
  • Those numbers are higher than both the state (6.5% and 17.7%) and national (6.2% and 17.5%) percentages.
  • 25% of people aged 12 and older engage in binge drinking behaviors in this part of the state. 31% of driving deaths can be attributed to alcohol impairment.
  • This is lower than the state percentage of 33%, but it is much higher than the national benchmark of 14%.
  • 9% of people in Fairfield County report having used marijuana in the last month.
  • This is higher than the national percentage of 8%.

How Many Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs are in Bridgeport, Connecticut?

SAMHSA indicates that there are 91 addiction rehab programs within a 25-mile radius of Bridgeport, Connecticut. They offer various levels of care, and there are:

  • 17 drug and alcohol detox centers.
  • 7 hospitals that offer inpatient detox.
  • 11 programs that offer outpatient detoxification services.
  • 48 outpatient programs that offer medication-assisted treatment.
  • 4 sober living homes.
  • 41 facilities that provide telehealth services.
  • 8 hospital inpatient addiction treatment programs.
  • 74 treatment centers that offer outpatient care.
  • 16 residential inpatient rehab centers.
  • 6 partial hospitalization programs.
  • 46 intensive outpatient programs.
  • 10 long-term rehab facilities.

Overview: What to Expect From Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bridgeport?

Bridgeport, Connecticut is located very close to the Long Island Sound. There are 16 rehab facilities in the city. This area is very relaxing due to its location near several beaches and Seaside Park. It could be a great choice for someone who wants to go to rehab locally.

But what happens during alcohol and drug rehab and what can people expect to experience?

Detox in Bridgeport: The First Step in Addiction Recovery

When a person comes to rehab, the very first step is for them to go through the detoxification process. This is important because using drugs and alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms when a person stops.

Every drug has its own recommendations as far as detoxing goes. Opioids and alcohol are two of the most common drugs people use, and most Bridgeport detox programs will recommend medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, for patients who are addicted to them.

Medication-assisted treatment refers to the use of behavioral therapy and medications to help patients get through withdrawal. It has shown to be highly effective at helping people get and stay clean and sober.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

There are two types of inpatient rehab programs. The most common is the traditional inpatient treatment facility, which allows patients to stay for 28 days while they get help. The other is long-term rehab, which allows patients to stay for several months at a time.

Many inpatient rehabs offer detox services in-house, which is very convenient and therapeutic for patients. Afterward, patients participate in various types of therapy, including individual and group sessions and family therapy.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

There are three main types of outpatient treatment available in Bridgeport. They are:

With the right support, people in addiction recovery can do very well with the first two on that list. The third is best utilized as a form of follow-up care.

What Other Options are Available for Substance Abuse Recovery?

There are additional options available in Bridgeport for people who are searching for support to help them recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

12-Step Meetings & Support Groups

A lot of people prefer a more peer-centered approach to addiction recovery. AA meetings and NA meetings are both options that people have available to them in Bridgeport. SMART Recovery is another option that is not 12-Step based, but they do offer support groups as well as other helpful resources.

Also, families can get help and learn better coping skills by attending Al-Anon and Alateen meetings.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes typically do not provide in-house addiction treatment. But they do offer safe places to live for people while they are in recovery. As we mentioned previously, there are four sober living homes located within 2 miles of Bridgeport.

When a person commits to staying at a sober living home, they will be responsible for covering the cost of rent unless it is paid for by their insurance. They will also need to make sure they attend outpatient rehab regularly and may be asked to contribute to the house in some way. For example, many require people to do chores, such as making meals and cleaning.

Sober living homes can be so helpful for people who have a hard time staying sober in their current living situation. They offer a chance to relearn how to live life without being dependent upon substances.


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Learn More About Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Bridgeport and Your Treatment Options

At SpringBoard Recovery, we treat our clients just like they were our family. We know how challenging it can be to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Bridgeport, Connecticut has a lot of great options for people in need of rehab. But there are good reasons to consider traveling to a place like Arizona to get addiction treatment too.

We want you to know that we will be there for you every step of the way. If you are interested in talking with someone about the rehab program at SpringBoard Recovery, or about your options for treatment in Bridgeport, Connecticut, please contact us today.

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