Comparing the Top Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Arizona

Comparing the Top Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Arizona

Make the Right Choice for Arizona Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

The first step to getting treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is admitting that one has a problem. Once this step has been taken, it is important to get substance abuse treatment. Nowadays, there are far more options for Arizona substance abuse treatment centers than there used to be. You have many choices for treatment, including:

• Hospitals
• Mental health centers
• Private health clinics
• Self-help groups

Getting help is important, but finding the right kind of treatment for you is also essential. In the treatment process, many people use several types of treatment. For instance, they may begin their detox in an inpatient center or a hospital, transition to outpatient therapy and then receive ongoing counseling or participate in self-help groups. When deciding on the type of care you need, compare different facilities and organizations to see which setting is right for you. 

Inpatient Care: Detox and Intensive Therapy for the First Stages of Sobriety

The two main categories for substance abuse treatment programs are inpatient and outpatient. As the names suggest, inpatient programs involve a stay in a facility or hospital for a certain length of time, and outpatient programs provide programs for people who are living in their homes and are involved in their regular schedules, such as going to work and school. For many people battling addiction, inpatient settings are required, at least in the beginning phases of treatment. There are several advantages to inpatient treatment:

• 24-hour care 
• Intensive detox treatment
• Medical care 
• counseling
• A safe environment 

For many people recovering from addiction, inpatient is the only safe option. In many cases, those requiring substance abuse treatment may face dangerous withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop using drugs or alcohol alone. Alcoholics who experience delirium tremens, for example, should seek treatment centers to avoid dangerous physical reactions during the withdrawal phase. When choosing Arizona substance abuse inpatient treatment facilities, find one that provides high-quality care with excellent staff and a comprehensive approach to treatment. A good inpatient facility should provide medical treatment, psychotherapy, and support groups. High-end treatment facilities may have a gym, massage therapy and yoga classes in addition to regular care. 

Outpatient Care: Following Up on Treatment Success

After the detoxification process has been completed, a patient seeking substance abuse treatment may stay in an inpatient facility from a few weeks to several months for ongoing medical care and therapy. Once a patient has successfully stopped using drugs and alcohol and has completed a certain phase of treatment, it is time to transition to outpatient care. Those who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol should never stop treatment suddenly but should receive ongoing therapy and support, even if they have not used drugs and alcohol for many years. Arizona substance abuse treatment centers provide outpatient programs as well as inpatient care. Many outpatient facilities provide a number of care options including:

• 12 step programs
• Psychotherapy
• Life skills training
• Hotlines

When choosing a treatment center for outpatient care, choose a facility that has a comprehensive approach to treatment. Many people in recovery choose counseling in combination with 12 Steps programs to combine individual treatment with support groups that create a feeling of solidarity. There are also centers that provide life skills training and help patients transition from inpatient settings back to their regular life. These programs can give those in recovery the tools to maintain their sobriety in an outpatient setting. In addition, hotlines are a helpful resource for those in recovery who need immediate support and a listening ear. 

Finding a Treatment Center That Is Right for You

There are many Arizona substance abuse treatment centers to choose from. When making the choice between centers, you may want to look at the following:

• Quality and types of treatment
• Cost
• Insurance coverage
• Location

Of course, everyone wants the highest quality treatment and care available. However, for many people seeking treatment, the cost is also an issue. Fortunately, some degree of substance abuse treatment is covered by most insurance policies. When looking for a treatment center in arizona, find the right balance between cost and quality and ensure that care is covered by your insurance policy, unless you are willing to pay out of pocket for some of it. Compare treatment centers and do research on each facility. If you have family and friends who have undergone treatment for substance abuse, consult them regarding the best treatment centers and also read reviews on the internet. It is important to seek the best substance abuse treatment to ensure success in staying sober for the long-term.