Characteristics of the Best Addiction Treatment Program

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Characteristics of the Best Addiction Treatment Program

Whether you are seeking addiction treatment for yourself or for a family or friend, the search for the best addiction treatment program can be intimidating. Being unsure of where to begin to look at for the type of programs that excel can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start when searching for a reputable rehab that identifies the underlying addiction causes and promotes successful recovery. Here are some common characteristics that are found in the best addiction treatment program that supports sobriety.

Accreditation/Trusted Staff

Did you know that only one in ten adults and teenagers receive substance abuse treatment? Even with counseling, addictive environmental patterns all too often influence drug cravings and subsequent relapsing. As addiction vulnerabilities play a significant role in both drug usage and recovery, only the best treatment facilities will offer the type of personalized treatment plans that endorse one’s long-term sobriety.

Overcoming personal, societal, or familial vulnerabilities will also require a specialized substance abuse facility accreditation. Sobriety will also involve well-trained and trusted staff to support positive decision making as it relates to learning behavioral skill sets. Within the right environment, people with dependencies will learn to identify addictive triggers. They will be more aware of boundaries and overcome compulsions that lead to relapse.

Guided Detox

The road to recovery often begins with a medical assessment during which one’s detoxification is critical. As withdrawal symptoms require monitoring, the best treatment plans support a guided detox. This detox will take place in a safe and secure setting and offer exclusive care and consideration. The best facilities utilize medically supervised detox experts and counselors to monitor a person’s physical and mental health and well-being.

It can also be an apprehensive experience when entering a new environment. The best addiction treatment facilities work diligently to make guests feel comfortable so that the recovery phase can begin.  Most top-tiered addiction treatment plans guide guests with direct support for recovery. They do this by providing individual therapy sessions,  group counseling, behavioral management, and prevention exercises to overcome the urges of old habits.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Most people beginning recovery programs require immediate professional assessments and treatment plans for care. Treatment typically requires a more strategic approach to recovery. The best addiction treatment program utilizes personalized treatment plans. Experts agree the broader a facility’s treatment availability and recovery planning models, the more successful the chance of long-term sobriety.[1]

Treatment of the Underlying Causes of Addiction

Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that five-out-of-ten Americans have underlying causes of addiction like mood disorder or anxiety.[2] NIDA also found that those with mental illnesses have a 50% higher chance of developing a drug addiction. This is why treatment facilities study comorbidity contributors and offer treatment plans based on the influences of drug dependencies.  This type of treatment is known as dual diagnosis. This treatment blends the most successful aspects of mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment.

Individual & Group Counseling

The top-rated facilities provide structured individual and group counseling services. They utilize psychologists, addiction specialists, and psychotherapists to overcome substance abuse dependency. Individual counseling also interconnects mental health and sobriety with cognitive-behavioral therapy, which alters future actions.

Access to group therapy sessions will help individuals develop healthy attachments and social skill attainment through constructive peer reinforcements.  People are inherently able to acclimate when in group therapy sessions. Individual participants begin to feel more motivated to self-express with others who have comparable experiences.

Aftercare Services

Two-out-of-three people who complete treatment will relapse within weeks of receiving drug addiction treatment and 85% relapse within one year.[3] Identifying patient vulnerabilities, clinical factors, drug craving triggers, and underlying behavioral causes help experts predict future relapses. Having access to aftercare service is critical to deterring usage.  It also allows for continued care, on-going evaluations, and follow-up care, including telehealth, counseling and 24-hour emergency admittance.

Drug Rehab Success Rate

It is important to determine a rehab facility’s success rate before choosing a drug treatment program. The goal of rehabilitation is to help individuals learn the skills necessary to cope with and manage addictive behaviors at home, at work, or in a community. Without access to the best treatment, it increases the risk of a relapse.

Substance abuse is a lifelong struggle for most. The temptation to relapse increases when returning to normal routines. While relapse is not indicative of a facility’s success, the access to quality in-patient and out-patient programs that encourage sobriety and the continuation of counseling is how success is measured.

Find the Best Addiction Treatment Program For You

The staff at Springboard Recovery know that substance abuse is devastatingly difficult to deal with alone. Our sole mission is strategic rebuilding and reintegration. Our approach is to place a high priority on patient recovery.  Before entering our top-rated Arizona facility, we offer you admissions counseling to answer your questions and help you overcome any challenges. We will also perform a thorough assessment and customize a plan of action for you that includes the ease of facility expert access and aftercare service.

Don’t allow uncertainty to control your future. Take the step and contact us today to learn more.


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