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Chandler detox

Substance abuse is a topic that modern society often takes for granted especially when we have heard countless testimonies and lectures of how addiction destroys a man’s life.

Most of the time, we think we have a complete understanding of alcohol and drug addiction and we instantly assume that the simple and ultimate solution would be rehabilitation. We tend to overlook the fact that addiction and rehab are two concepts that are not as plain as they may seem. Substance abuse not only affects physical and mental health, but it also tears us apart from our family, community, and spirituality. While rehab is not simply a matter of taking the prescribed medication while following a generalized program towards slowly recovering from substance dependency as it should also be tailor-fit to each individual’s needs.

Tailor Fit; Individualized Chandler Detox

For instance, we see the 12-step recovery program strictly implemented throughout various rehab centers worldwide. Yet, a lot of patients still find it difficult to achieve complete and permanent healing.

Studies have shown how the 12-step method is scientifically proven effective, so why are there patients who go back to their bad habits in spite of the treatment? It is lamentable how others have dismissed the method as “non-medical” or based on “blind faith”, reducing it to bad science when in fact it has helped countless people all over the world.

This just goes to show that what works for most may not be as effective for others. This is one of the obstacles for effective treatment today and not all rehabilitation centers have overcome this dilemma. But achieving effective, personalized treatment should not be an impossible task, and SpringBoard Recovery has stepped up to the challenge.

You can find a number of treatment centers in the Arizona area – for instance, Mesa, Phoenix, and Chandler detox centers offer a variety of quality services.

In Scottsdale, SpringBoard Recovery is arguably the best choice for innovative drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. We offer a variety of treatments and therapies to complement the traditional 12 steps.

Daily schedules offer opportunities for individual and group activities, counseling, art therapy, life coaching and goal setting, yoga and meditation, and other daily responsibilities geared towards regaining your lost potentials. We provide an environment that is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, cleanliness, peace and a sense of calm. Our vision consists of not only physical wellness but also community and spiritual healing through our dedication to the 12-step recovery program.

A Closer Look at the 12-step Recovery Program

Also termed as the “12 Steps”, this treatment method was originally intended for alcoholics by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Even so, it has been used to aid in recovery from substance abuse in general and has proven to be most effective. One can argue that any other Tucson rehab or Chandler detox (drugs and alcohol) center will definitely offer the same exact method, but SpringBoard Recovery has taken the program onto a whole new level by incorporating workshops and lifestyle activities to further strengthen its effectiveness.

Most rehab programs are short term and so patients tend to regress to their old ways, thinking that their treatment is 100% complete. We must remember that recovery is not a matter of instantly eradicating a problem but a lifelong process that achieves success only through keeping faith with daily habits and lifestyle. The aspect of being healed and staying healed is ensured by the 12 Steps through:

  • The admission of being powerless over drugs and alcohol, making life unmanageable
  • Believing that a greater Power can help us towards complete restoration
  • Deciding to turn our lives, willfully and completely, into God’s hands
  • Assessing ourselves fearlessly to admit our moral shortcomings
  • Becoming honest to ourselves and to others about the exact nature of our wrongdoings
  • Becoming completely ready to allow God to remove these defects in our character
  • Humbly asking God to help us overcome our shortcomings
  • Making a list of people we have harmed and striving to make amends with them all, while:
  • Making sure we make amends to these people whenever possible, without further injuring them or others
  • Constantly checking ourselves for things we might have done wrong and promptly admitting them
  • Strengthening our contact with God through prayer and meditation as we seek to know His will and ask for the power to carry it out, and:
  • Spreading the message of our spiritual awakening to our fellow alcoholics and drug dependence sufferers as we practice these principles in our daily lives

Why We Stand Out

Some have voiced their uneasiness about the 12 Steps being too intertwined with religion and your regular Scottsdale treatment or Chandler detox (drugs and alcohol) center may not exactly revise the program to address such an issue. At SpringBoard Recovery, we live by these 12 Steps without forcibly implementing a single philosophy or spiritual outlook. People see the concepts of “God” and “Power” and automatically associate them with religion, but we go beyond these predispositions.

Instead, we cater to the realization of forces, both good and bad, that is beyond us. We understand the constant tug of war between the impulse to drive to the store for another wine bottle or the inescapable temptation to contact your local drug dealer. So, we emphasize that with the proper guidance these powerful forces are defeated by the stronger powers of spirituality and the determination to achieve a full life.

We guide you every step of the way towards a holistic recovery that focuses on your nutrition, community involvement and need for love. We understand that addiction is always accompanied by much pain, miserable isolation and tremendous guilt that you do not deserve. Our approach aims to eliminate these negativities and pave the way for a different kind of sobriety – one that is not just the removal of harmful drug and alcohol effects from the body. Instead, we help you work toward sobriety that is a complete cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit. Your rehabilitation will not become a source of shame; it is your recovery of a life that was once filled with excellent health, strong friendships, profound happiness, and success.


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