Aspects of Holistic Addiction Treatment Scottsdale


Aspects of Holistic Addiction Treatment Scottsdale

Active addiction doesn’t just affect your physical health. As anyone who has struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can attest, its effects extend into every aspect of life. By the time you are ready to seek treatment, your addiction has likely negatively impacted your mental and emotional health; your social life; your ability to care for yourself with exercise and nutrition and even your spirituality. Increasingly, addiction treatment centers are incorporating holistic addiction treatment into their offerings. Read on to find out about the benefits of holistic addiction treatment Scottsdale.

What is Holism?

Chances are that you’ve run across terms like “holistic” and “holism” plenty of times, but do you really know what they entail? Put simply, holism is about treating the whole person, including every aspect of their overall wellness. In the context of addiction recovery, then, holism doesn’t just address the addiction and how to overcome it; it addresses your social, societal, emotional, psychological and even spiritual needs along the way.

How is Holism Incorporated into Addiction Treatment?

Contrary to what you might expect, holistic addiction treatment Scottsdale typically isn’t meant to be used as an alternative to traditional treatment methods and approaches. Rather, it is used in a complementary manner to help and pull everything together into a cohesive whole. Therefore, addicted people in recovery are still provided with proven support techniques like group therapy, individual counseling, medical detoxification and many others.

Examples of Holistic Techniques Used in Addiction Recovery

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, more than one-third of U.S. adults have used some sort of holistic medicine or treatment. Therefore, you may already be familiar with some or all of the techniques that you will encounter while undergoing addiction treatment with a holistic approach.

Some of these include the following:

How a Holistic Approach Aids in Recovery

It is easy and natural to look at some of the above examples with a healthy dose of skepticism. After all, you are contending with a serious, life-threatening addiction; how in the world is sitting for meditation or undergoing acupuncture supposed to help? The key here is to understand how these techniques are applied in the context of addiction recovery. Again, it’s also crucial to remember that these methods are used alongside conventional therapies to help you in achieving and maintaining meaningful, long-term sobriety.

A few of the ways in which a holistic approach can aid in addiction recovery include:


Mental illness and addiction are often intricately intertwined. Even if you don’t have a dual diagnosis, periods of active addiction wreak havoc on brain chemistry and emotional wellbeing. In addiction recovery, holism seeks to address your emotional needs by teaching you how to tap into your innate capability for healing from within. For example, mindfulness meditation may be practiced to improve self-awareness, to achieve objectivity about current and past events and emotions and to deliver a host of other benefits that can bolster your overall emotional health.


Addiction affects physical health in a myriad of ways. The period of withdrawal can be eased through medically supervised detoxification, but the process is still extremely difficult. Even after the substance abuse has abated and withdrawals have ended, overcoming the physical addiction takes time. Methods like yoga and acupuncture are used in holistic addiction treatment to ease these difficult periods so you can regain your physical health more quickly and naturally.


Because addiction takes such a toll on physical health, it is especially important to consume a healthy, nutritious diet. Poor diet and active addiction can result in neurochemical imbalances that may weaken your ability to avoid relapses and other setbacks. For example, you may experience fluctuations in blood sugar levels that make you feel terrible and more susceptible to problems. In holistic addiction treatment, the focus is on consuming a diet that consists of clean eating and whole, natural foods. This approach works wonders on improving mood and aiding in healing.


One of the main tenets of 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous is the idea that people often become addicts because they are searching for meaning or God but look for those things in drugs or alcohol instead. Many people are more grounded and secure in life with an active spiritual practice of some kind. In holistic addiction treatment, methods like meditation help to reinvigorate a sense of spirituality, which tends to be very comforting and supportive.

Springboard Recovery Holistic Addiction Treatment Scottsdale is Here to Help

A crucial step on the road to recovery is choosing an addiction treatment center that suits your specific needs. If the idea of holistic addiction treatment Scottsdale resonates with you, Springboard Recovery is here to help. Give us a call today to take the first step in your journey of recovery.


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