Holistic Care

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Holistic care is an approach to wellness that treats the whole person. We know you’re a unique individual with your own story, a complex history, and your own unique set of challenges. Rather than treating you as diseased or working only to fight your addiction, Springboard embraces every component of wellness – social, societal, physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual.

The result is a program that gets great results a lot faster than you might expect. Good nutrition can help reduce drug cravings. The right exercise program can help re-center your mind and reverse the health effects of addiction. Meditation has been proven time and again to change the way your brain functions, which means it can help you cope with withdrawal. We can teach you how to embrace practices that yield a healthier, happier, more connected life.

In our busy world, though, we know that knowledge isn’t always enough. One of the many benefits of rehab is that it affords you a chance to slow down, re-center your mind, and focus on that which matters most. We offer each of our guests a safe place to explore various options for holistic wellness, all with the assistance of our team of caring, competent, and highly knowledgeable addiction experts. Take advantage of our spacious yoga and meditation space. Or enjoy the benefits of good nutrition with our specialized, addiction-friendly nutrition program.

Our healthy nutrition program is low in simple carbohydrates and processed foods, focusing instead on clean eating, real nutrition, and nourishing your body and mind. If you want to get good things out of your body and mind, you have to put good things in. We offer you the fuel your body needs to fight the battle of your life – the battle against the disease of addiction.

At Springboard, we know that recovery is a journey, not a race. To succeed on your journey, you need a competent guide and a bag full of tools. We offer you both. Recovery at Springboard is about so much more than just white-knuckling your way into giving up drugs or alcohol. We want to help you nurture a better way of being. We can help you chart a course for the life you want, then walk with you on your journey from suffering to thriving.

The first step is up to you. With a simple call, our holistic healing resources will be at your disposal. Let us get to work for you. Trust Springboard Recovery with your substance abuse assessment by calling us today. Together, we’ll work to devise a personalized recovery plan that fits realistically into your life while encouraging you to expand your horizons and find better ways of being.

A Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

The World Health Organization defines Health as a state in which there’s mental, physical, and social well being – so, the world’s leading health experts agree that health isn’t merely about the absence of disease or infirmity.

Physical activities, mental tasks, and social interactions are necessary for a fulfilling life. These aspects of well being are intertwined. For example, improving physical health can alleviate mild depression. The Royal College of Psychiatrists promotes exercise as an alternative to antidepressants or cognitive behavioral therapy. The mind can also directly affect the body. Lecturers, musicians, and actors avoid eating a large meal before hitting the stage because nervousness can cause an upset stomach.

For us at Springboard Recovery in Arizona, holistic treatment is of utmost value in an addict’s road to sober living. We understand that addiction is a battle that must be fought by addressing the physical, mental, social, and even the spiritual needs of the addicted person.


Our Springboard Recovery team makes sure we improve the physical health of our patients. Time and time again, attention to the physical needs of people suffering from substance abuse brings a lot of benefits. We use this knowledge to increase our patients’ chances of achieving a lasting change in life. Providing good nutrition and proper exercise are the two methods we use to advance the physical health of our patients.


Good nutrition targets the following goals:

  • Heals the body damaged by substance abuse

Substance abuse can deplete the body’s vitamins and minerals. Inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals threaten mental health, damage vital organs, and decrease immunity. To help individuals recover from the effects of substance abuse, it is important to give them balanced meals. As their vitamins and mineral deficiencies are resolved, their physical and mental health will improve. Health risks will decrease and drug cravings will be reduced.

  • Prevents Addiction Relapses

Negative attitudes and emotions such as anxiety, irritability, low mood, and low energy levels can trigger cravings. These symptoms can be induced by insufficient water intake, dips in blood sugar, excessive caffeine consumption, and an unbalanced diet. Drug and alcohol addiction relapse can be induced by cravings, meaning good nutrition actually makes it easier to stay sober and clean.

  • Improves Mood

Maintaining a balanced diet has a positive impact on mood. Carbohydrates aid in the production of serotonin, which facilitates a happy mood and promotes proper sleep. Low serotonin levels is associated with sleep problems, irritability, and depression.  Also, reducing dietary fat intake can decrease inflammation. This improves mood because a decrease in inflammation reduces proinflammatory cytokines that cause depressive symptoms.


The right exercise program has two main tangible benefits:

  • Improves Brain Chemistry

Exercise releases endorphins which makes people feel happy. Through exercise, the brain will start producing the right amounts of endorphins, which can stop mood swings and cravings.

  • Encourages a Positive View of Life

The physical improvements achieved because of exercise are tiny successes that may have a profound impact on addicted individuals. The pride and self-worth that comes with achieving fitness goals builds up a person’s self-respect. Self-respect is key to preventing self-destructive behavior.


According to reports published in the Journal of American Medical Association, 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers have at least one serious mental illness. Addiction and mental health problems are closely linked but one does not directly cause the other.

However, when alcohol and drugs are used to deal with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, substance dependence may develop. Our Springboard Recovery team recognizes the role of mental health in addiction. That’s why we provide programs that aim to improve mental health. Our programs include:

  • Outpatient counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Structured sober living


Have you ever heard of the famous saying, “two is better than one?” People are social creatures. We are designed to interact and communicate with one another. We can’t help but be affected by how others regard and treat us. Sometimes life becomes too difficult to bear because of the abuse or neglect we experience from the people around us. This can lead to drinking and drug use which can escalate into addiction problems.

We at Springboard Recovery understand the importance of social life to the well being of individuals. We, therefore, offer support to all individuals under our care. Our Springboard team treats our clients like family and we encourage and give all of them the chance to empathize and support one another in their journey towards sobriety. We endeavor to help our clients find positive relationships that will help them recover and stay sober for the rest of their lives.


As many have already realized firsthand, spirituality can have an important role in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. A belief in an omnipotent being who is more powerful than the people who had negatively impacted our lives, greater than the problems we are facing, and mightier than our strongest weaknesses is sometimes the key to living a healthy and fulfilling life in a world devastated by pain and suffering.

We at Springboard Recovery use the 12-step process to facilitate the recovery of our clients. The 12-step process includes helping addiction sufferers recognize that they are powerless over their addictions and need the help of God to achieve a clean life. It also includes recognizing and taking responsibility of their moral wrongs. They need to admit to God, to themselves, and to another human being the nature of their wrongs and to accept God’s help in removing these defects of character.

All in all, it cannot be denied that a holistic approach to battling addiction is the best way into achieving a full recovery. Our team at Springboard recovery recognizes this and ensures that all individuals who put their trust in us will get the best addiction treatment possible. Regardless of the problems faced by our clients and no matter the extent of those concerns, we make it a point to find the best way to lead them towards living a clean life.


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