Arizona Addiction Facility for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Arizona Addiction Facility

The state of Arizona offers many acres of natural beauty. The mountainous and desert landscape can be a calm and peaceful place to live. However, even with all of the natural beauty that the state has to offer, this is not enough to deter people from being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addiction is something that may hit anyone at any time. A person may struggle with addiction themselves or know someone that is addicted.

Unfortunately, addiction is difficult to overcome on your own. Since addiction is a big problem in the state of Arizona as well as around the United States, it is important to have high quality addiction facilities available to help those that need it.

In Arizona, SpringBoard Recovery is one of the top addiction facilities the state has to offer. We work hard to provide each of our patients with the comprehensive care that they need in order to overcome their addiction and the tools that they need in order to prevent a relapse.

About SpringBoard Recovery

SpringBoard Recovery is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This addiction facility offers a beautiful campus that is nestled within the city and just a few minutes away from Phoenix. At SpringBoard Recovery each patient is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Upon entering the facility a person will meet with a dedicated staff in order to come up with the best plan of recovery to meet their needs.


The first step in recovery often begins with a detox process. Detox should be done under the care of a qualified medical staff. The reason for this is because there are many side effects that may occur during the detox process and some can be quite serious, such as seizures.

Detox is the process of expelling all of the drugs and alcohol from the body. A person who is addicted to these drugs will need to allow their body the time to recover from no longer putting these drugs into their system.


At SpringBoard recovery, a holistic approach to drug and alcohol abuse is used. Once a person has completed detox, it is time to come up with a therapeutic plan. Individual and group therapy in combination both provide many benefits to those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Individual therapy helps identify if there are any underlying issues that may have caused a person to turn to drugs. During these therapy sessions a person will work to discover the root causes of their addiction.

Group therapy offers a safe place to discuss your addiction with others who are going through some of the same things that you are. While everyone’s story is different and no addiction is the same, discussing some of the common issues that you have among others can be extremely supportive. It is in group therapy that many friendships and lasting bonds are made. This is important as it provides a support system while you are trying to remain sober.

How Long Will a Person Spend in an Addiction Facility?

When it comes to the amount of time a person will need to spend in an addiction facility, it could be as little as 30 days or as long as 90 or more days. The amount of time a person needs for recovery will vary based on their personal situation and needs.

Some of the things that may affect a person’s recovery time include the severity of their addiction, the type of substances used, and if there are any co-occurring mental or medical issues that a person may be dealing with. In addition, the emotional, social, mental, physical, spiritual, and cultural needs of each individual will come into play when considering the amount of time that rehab will take.

What does it Cost to go to an Addiction Facility?

The cost of an addiction facility such as SpringBoard Recovery should never be a deterrent from attending rehab. Most of the time a person’s insurance will cover the entire cost or the majority of the cost of rehab. This means that many people will be able to get the treatment that need at little to no cost.

When considering the cost of rehab it is also important to consider the cost of your drug or alcohol addiction. Not only are you paying for your drug of choice, but chances are if you are an addict you will be struggling with work, either trying to find a job or working at a job that pays very little. In addition there is the cost of your health to consider as well as the loss of friends and family members that you are letting down.


At SpringBoard Recovery we will provide you with the tools that you need in order to recover from your drug addiction. However, we also recognize the importance of providing you with the tools that you need in order to remain sober when you enter the real world.

We will work with you to develop an aftercare plan that will help you along your path of recovery.

This plan may include ongoing therapy, support groups, or even sober living arrangements if necessary. At SpringBoard Recovery we believe the aftercare services we provide are just as important as the services we provide during rehab.