Arizona 12-Step Addiction Treatment

Arizona 12-Step Addiction Treatment

Arizona 12-Step Addiction Treatment

Addiction is an issue with many facets; it can vary in terms of what kind of substance, what type of treatments, and what are the individual needs of the addict. Keeping with this thought is the idea that there are many approaches to rehabilitation and recovery. As no two people are the same, no two addictions are the same. That’s why it’s essential to design a recovery plan that incorporates all types of treatment. SpringBoard Recovery likes to emphasize a holistic approach. But, the 12-step addiction treatment is one of the mainstays of our available options.

The 12-Steps: What Are They?

The 12-step model is a list of both beliefs and actions meant to guide users back to a centered approach to life that does not include alcohol. Though built for an addiction to alcohol, the 12-step model has proven successful in rehabilitating many different types of addictions. The 12-steps are heavily based in spirituality, though not necessarily an out-and-out religious approach. In fact, many teach that there is no wrong way to approach the 12-step program, as long as it is utilized to help each individual succeed. Here is an enumerated look at the specific 12 steps, according to

  1. Admitting powerlessness over alcohol; your life is unmanageable
  2. Believing that only a Power greater than yourself can restore your sanity
  3. Making a decision to turn your will over to God, in whatever form you perceive God to be
  4. Doing a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself
  5. Admitting to God and to yourself and to other humans involved in the exact nature of your wrongdoings
  6. Being ready to have God remove all these character flaws
  7. Humbly asking God to remove all shortcomings
  8. Make a list of all the people you have hurt and become willing to make amends to each of them
  9. Making direct amends to such people wherever possible, barring further injury to said persons
  10. Continued inventory of wrongs and prompt admittance of them
  11. Use of prayer and meditation to contact God and having the power to carry out his will
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening following the completion of these steps, to then try to carry these messages to both other alcoholics and into all aspects of your daily life

The Holistic Approach

When rehabilitating a person struggling with an addiction, residential treatment helps deal with the hard transition from an addicted life to a sober one. A stay in a rehab facility provides structures and boundaries that will provide stability throughout the process to get clean, stay clean, rejoin society, and resume everyday activities. And it is, indeed, a process. This is why it’s essential to use an integrated approach that combines the 12-step model, talk therapy, wellness activities, outpatient options, and joining of different support groups. The assumption is often that residential treatment centers only focus on 12-step addiction treatment. At SpringBoard Recovery, that is not the case. We pride ourselves on having many different resources so that everyone is treated with respect and care and the addiction itself is never the sole focus. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction of any kind—be it alcohol or any other type of substance, we would love to help. SpringBoard Recovery takes pride in our holistic approach to recovery, and we will tailor a program to fit whatever needs our patients may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone today.



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