Access to Naloxone is Increasing - Is That Enough to Help The Opioid Crisis?

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Access to Naloxone is Increasing

There were over 60,000 fatal drug overdoses in America during 2016. The use of an overdose treatment drug known as naloxone has been the topic of much conversation in recent months. While some say that the increased availability of naloxone will end up saving many lives, others worry that easier access to the drug may encourage irresponsible behavior. It helps to have a better understanding of what naloxone is and how it works. The information below will address these important points in relation to America’s problem with addiction and why opioid addiction treatment Scottsdale is necessary after an overdose.

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a medication designed to address the immediate effects of a drug overdose. When a person experiences an overdose, his breathing can become so slow that it may stop altogether. If these effects are not addressed immediately, the individual can go into a coma or die. Treatment professionals find naloxone is meant to be administered in emergency settings where a person is demonstrating difficulties breathing as a result of an overdose. Some officials feel that access to naloxone should be increased in an effort to save more lives in emergency settings.

How Does Naloxone Work?

The exact way in which we find naloxone can reverse deadly overdose symptoms is not fully understood. However, it has been speculated that the medication acts as an opioid antagonist. This means that it can bind to opioid receptors and prevent the compounds in dangerous drugs from attaching to them. Naloxone cannot make a person high, so it doesn’t carry a large risk of abuse.

Problems Associated with Naloxone Use

There is no doubt that the use of naloxone in emergency settings during an immediate overdose can save a tremendous number of lives. In order for this to be accomplished, easy access to naloxone will have to occur. The real issue comes into play after the administration of naloxone to save a life. If the person who experienced an overdose does not address his addiction issues, he will likely continue to face severe problems. If he ends up having another overdose in an area without access to naloxone, the outcome may be less favorable.

Some officials worry that the widespread availability of naloxone will encourage people to be more reckless with their substance abuse behaviors. It is important that the medication is recognized for what it truly is. In the same way that a bandage can address an immediate wound, naloxone can come to the rescue of an individual who is near death from an overdose. However, effective long-term rehabilitation efforts through opioid addiction treatment Scottsdale must still be taken in order to help this individual overcome his addiction. This is what will truly prevent his future risks of continued problems with drug overdoses.

Combating the Addiction Problem in America

Thankfully, the process of treating severe addictions has become more manageable today. In fact, treatment centers can now carefully analyze a person’s current situation to create a treatment plan that is ideal for them. Since no two people handle a substance abuse problem the same way, the need for various treatment elements will continue. Both classic and modern treatment approaches can come together to form effective options for the eradication of addiction issues. Additionally, successful drug rehab centers will also be able to help those affected by addiction to develop relapse prevention plans to ensure that their recovery continues.

While drugs such as naloxone can save many lives, they are not the sole solution to complex substance abuse issues that are common today. The answer lies in a combination of educational and treatment approaches that can address addiction-related issues and set people up for long-term success in overcoming them.

Locating a Top Rated Rehabilitation Facility

Those affected by addiction can feel confused about how to select a rehab center. This can be especially true in areas where many treatment centers exist. While there is no solution that is perfect for everyone, you can educate yourself to become equipped to find the treatment facility that is right for you.

You might want to start with a candid conversation with your immediate family members. Talk openly about the ways that addiction has influenced your life. Make a list of concerns and questions that you would like to address with each facility you visit. Consider what amenities are most important to you as you start your healing journey. It may also help to talk to others who have gone through the rehab process. Learn the success rates of all the facilities you consider, as this will provide you with information about their experience in dealing with your issues.

Dealing with an addiction is never an easy thing to do. At SpringBoard Recovery, we understand how isolating this problem can be. We take measures to ensure your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible. We also pride ourselves on providing access to quality and compassionate treatment options. If you are suffering from the effects of addiction, contact SpringBoard Recovery to find out how we can help you gain freedom from this problem.


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